The 6 steps of the Winners Method.


We’ve spent our entire lives talking about putting our full attention on the customer. We still don’t. And we’re going to have no choice because the difference between winners and losers is understanding the customer. And we don’t hear much about it, in general.

It is an exciting process that takes us back to the origins of our activity: to refocus on the customer to truly understand it, using technology as a tool, to reconnect with it in a much deeper way, relationships that will lead, if we do it right, in transactions.

In the end, it’s about finding the best possible relationship with the people and entities that generate your income, and finding the way to expand your customer base in the future. 

For everything else mentioned we will be of vital importance to use: The Winners Method.

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The 6 steps of the Winners Method:

1. Understand the customer, listening to him and understanding his motivations.

2. Redefine the vision and roles of your team by redesigning the integration of your channels under a customer-centric strategy and reinventing the capabilities you need.

3. Develop the figital strategy, adding the best of the physical with the best of the digital.

4. Design the experiences you want your customers to receive.

5. Build advanced service models to differentiate yourself.

6. Connect with your customers.

Excerpt from the book: The Winners Method, by the author Pablo Foncillas.